Whittaker Falls NY Wedding: John & Emily

When your bride and groom give you famous Croghan sausage for your ride to Lowville, NY and back BEFORE their wedding, you know you’ve found a GOOD couple, who is going to have an amazing wedding.

Their wedding at Whittaker falls in Lowville NY wasn’t like any typical ceremony. The vintage doors used to set apart where J&E would say their vows was decorated beautiful flowers. Behind the door was the most breath-taking view of mountains, rolling hills and trees, tons of trees, and every one just a little bit different.

Before the ceremony, John laughed along with all his closest friends in anticipation of marrying his best friend, the one person in the world that made him stand just a little taller, and made that skip in his step just bit more confident and full of purpose.

Meanwhile, Emily, surrounded by her beloved ladies, prepped her makeup, her hair, drank yummy cocktails, and slipped away for a private moment to read a hand-written note from John. Folks, if you think you can always sport of poker face, you obviously have not watched Emily read a special card from her soon-to-be husband. Phew! It’s a good thing I had a giant camera in-front of my eyes!

Let’s just take a second to talk about Emily’s INSANE attention to adorable details, from the tiniest gold-foiled accent, to gold plastic dinosaurs adorned in wedding attire. I’m nearly certain even the most season Pinterest guru would be jealous! Truly, she is a mastermind of planning perfection. Really, if you want to swoon over adorable details, skip over these words and go straight for the photos!

John and Emily’s reception was at the Ridgeview Inn in Lowville, which was the perfect backdrop for their fun, vintage feel meets trendy chevron straws and gold dinosaurs (I’m telling you: the dinosaurs–SO fun!!).

Congrats to John and Emily on tying the knot, dino style!!
jvp_8639 img_6740 img_6804 jvp_8658jvp_8672jvp_8735jvp_8858jvp_8950jvp_9023
jvp_9089 img_6855 img_6899 img_6934 img_7075 img_7089jvp_9065 jvp_9116jvp_9124jvp_9131jvp_9113jvp_9260jvp_9139jvp_9298
img_7189 img_7192 img_7198 img_7554 lowville ny wedding photo of bride holding bouquet img_7647 jvp_9579jvp_9792bridal party photo at Whittaker falls, lowville nyjvp_9870jvp_9934bride and groom portrait at Whittaker falls, Lowville nyjvp_9985-edit
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jvp_1163 jvp_1194 jvp_1195 jvp_1204 jvp_1221 jvp_1388 jvp_1470jvp_0975

Ryan’s Lookout Wedding: Wheelers

Ben and Bethany’s magical wedding day at Ryan’s Lookout in Henderson Harbor was memorable for so many reasons. It’s hard for a day like this not to stand out, when you have two of the most gracious, loving, and down-to-earth couples you’ve ever met, who also happen to be surrounded by some of the most loving, tightly-knit, welcoming family and friends you’ve ever met. Ben & Bethany (and their parents for that matter) are the kind of couple whose love for one another is contagious, inspiring, and just really, really beautiful. It’s the kind of love you know will not falter in difficult times, will not waver in indifference or complacency, but because of who holds one another’s heart, will always strive to know the other more deeply and to love stronger. “Okay” love isn’t sufficient for these two; they know that in the “greatest love” for each other, these two can better love those around them, and it’s this central idea that drives Bethany and Ben’s relationship. How can anyone walk away the same person after witnessing this, right?!

Bethany, Ben and I crossed paths through their good friends, and my past clients–one of my favorite couples. So I knew we were most likely going to be a good fit. And after the engagement session, I was convinced: Ben & Bethany’s wedding day was going to be one of those really special ones.

Ben is calm, cool and collected, with a noticeable burst of witty humor. And Bethany is confident, focused, exuberant and loyal. As a side note, these two compile a p-r-e-t-t-y impressive resume with Ben’s engineering techie RIT background and Bethany being a dentist and all. Combine their academic achievements with their killer dance moves, and you’ve got one power couple, folks!

I’m so honored to have celebrated with these two at Ryan’s Lookout on one of the most beautiful, sunny, days, filled with honest laughter, genuine tears, and lots, and lots, and lots of love. Congrats, you two!



A good bridal party is not to EVER be taken for granted, by the bride of course, but also by yours truly! I am SO grateful for every single bridal party member who knows she’s there to celebrate and help the couple. And each one of these ladies when amazingly helpful and totally on point!JVP_9228JVP_9285JVP_9321JVP_9358JVP_9438JVP_2578JVP_9549JVP_9491 JVP_0044 JVP_0048 JVP_0147JVP_9811JVP_9894JVP_9895JVP_9901JVP_9917JVP_9928JVP_9971 JVP_0158 JVP_0264 JVP_0329 JVP_0360 JVP_0372 JVP_0384 JVP_0393 JVP_0432 JVP_0494 JVP_0572 JVP_0647 JVP_0838 JVP_0960 JVP_0968 JVP_0974 JVP_1059 JVP_1096bride and groom under bride's veil at golden hour in watertown, ny for their wedding photography JVP_1105 bride and groom on their wedding day at Golden Hour at Ryan's Lookout in the North Country lace wedding dress on bride at Ryan's Lookout in Henderson Harbor, NY JVP_1119JVP_1606 JVP_1666
JVP_2668 JVP_2709 JVP_2717 JVP_2771 JVP_2916 JVP_2925 JVP_2985 JVP_3041 JVP_3099 JVP_3210 JVP_3213 JVP_3241 JVP_3259JVP_9975

Colloca Estate Winery: Kaitlin & Brad

The sun shown over the gorgeous Colloca Estate Winery for Kaitlin and Brad’s one-of-a-kind spring wedding. Birds sang, the blue water, which the property overlooks, shimmered, and the land was filled with laughter. Really.

For B&K’s engagement session, Kaitlin kept telling me, “I’m so awkward, just tell me what to do! I know we’re going to look weird.” But let me tell you: when brad let his eyes wander to his lovely bride-to-be, and Kaitlin gave my camera that stop-you-in-your tracks stare, phew! Friends! There was nothing awkward about it! It was pure magic! These two could not have made my job easier, and that’s one of the reasons why we love them.


But honestly, the number one reason why I loved working with Kaitlin and Brad is because they  loved each other. Every look they gave, every motion they made, screamed, “you are my best friend, and you are my safe place.” And it’s this that we love. They have a spark about them that says, “we’re never going to age; we’ll always be young, and when per chance, we happen to grow old, we’ll do it hand in hand.” That’s powerful stuff, friends! It’s contagious. I left working with them and came home and gave my better half a giant hug.

I just know that if Brad and Kaitlin ever track me down for an anniversary session, he’s going to take those same glances full of love, in the direction of his lady, and she’s going to laugh at all his jokes.


Congrats to two of the cutest couples ever.









Brad had to say goodbye to his very dear friend far too early. As a way to remember him and have him there at the wedding, close to Brad the entire day, Kaitlin gifted Brad with a beautiful pocket watch holding a photo of Brad’s beloved companion. Such a thoughtful and heartfelt gift it was. IMG_0145 JVP_5911JVP_5924JVP_5939JVP_5951JVP_5991JVP_6036JVP_6067

Oh, Colloca Estate Winery golden hour, how we love thee!

JVP_6930JVP_6935JVP_6954JVP_6990JVP_7087IMG_0220 IMG_0249 IMG_0304 IMG_0312 IMG_0315 IMG_0351 IMG_0422
bride and groom's first dance under wedding tent at colloca estate winery JVP_1501 JVP_1564 bride and groom posing in front of water at colloca estate winery JVP_1579 JVP_1695 JVP_1770
JVP_1905 JVP_2015 JVP_2038


Emerson Park Wedding: Luke & Rachel

Emerson Park Wedding: Luke & Rachel

The rain trickled off of tree leaves and soaked the pavement surrounding the white pillars erecting Emerson Park’s glorious reception venue. Despite it not being the sunny, warm spring day that Rachel and Luke might have imagined for their wedding day, there was something really beautiful about the soft rain that surrounded us. It was a subtle reminder of the beautiful life and sacred promises being made in the presence of family and friends for an amazing couple.

Every wedding I photograph is an honor. Truly. But Rachel and Luke’s wedding was such an incredible honor, because Rachel is the very best friend of a friend of mine. And the friend is ALSO a photographer, which made it extra intimidating but all the more a privilege. It meant so much to be entrusted with such a special lady’s wedding day.

Rachel is Luke’s safety, and Luke is Rachel’s favorite person. Together, these two have a confidence and vivacity that most couples only wish to obtain. Oh, and can I tell you that Luke MADE all his groomsmen and his bow-ties! Crazy, right?!

This classic, vintage wedding is not ‘just’ gorgeous and full of love and a full of a groom who sews his own bow-ties. In addition to all this goodness, it was F-U-N, friends. Really, really a fun. Everyone there seemed like a dance extraordinaire. And Rachel’s brother, Sam, is well-known for his incredible voice, which we were are able to witness, when Sam joined the live band for some of his favorite tunes. The expressions on the guests’ faces? Priceless!

This wedding is one for the books, folks. You definitely want to cozy up and check it out this lovely day!

I am beyond grateful to have been even a small part of this couple’s wedding day story. Congratulations, Luke & Rachel!


lace wedding dress with capped sleeves


JVP_7130 JVP_7131







groom's brown, leather shoes


IMG_0722 IMG_0774




Couples can upgrade their package to include my duck assistant. Just kidding! Or am I!



IMG_1193 IMG_1206 IMG_1219 IMG_1227 IMG_1256 IMG_1286 IMG_1291 IMG_1445 IMG_1450 IMG_1451 IMG_1460 IMG_1527 IMG_1544 IMG_1546 IMG_1620 IMG_1623 IMG_1692 JVP_2202 JVP_2237 JVP_2250 JVP_2276 JVP_2364

JVP_8256 JVP_8257 JVP_8277 JVP_8278


One way that Rachel honored her beautiful mom was by wearing her mom’s wedding veil. It matched Rachel’s dress perfectly and was such a precious way to keep her mom close to her through every moment. JVP_8291 JVP_8298 JVP_8306 JVP_8479 JVP_8507 JVP_8548 JVP_8561 JVP_8591 JVP_8606 JVP_8657 JVP_8706 JVP_8761 JVP_8764 JVP_8781JVP_8779

Wedding at the Marriott Syracuse Downtown

Avery & Bianca’s Wedding at the Marriott Syracuse Downtown

Drum roll, please!! The Marriott Syracuse Downtown has opened its doors for weddings since its amazing renovation project began. Meet Avery and Bianca, the FIRST couple to celebrate their wedding in the new Marriott Syracuse Downtown. This hotel is formerly known as the Hotel Syracuse. And while its name has changed, the leadership is taking this gorgeous piece of history and bringing it back to its roots! How exciting!

Why I Loved Working With Avery & Bianca on Their Classic Wedding

It is not every day I get to photograph a wedding that speaks to ALL my style desires. Every photographer has a unique preference when it comes to his or her “look.” Vrooman Photography’s is simple. I love a classic, black-tie affair that remains classic and sophisticated, no matter the era and regardless of trends that wane. A wedding should be an event that aesthetically reflects the seriousness and beautiful love between one another. I’d rather hold fast to the Jackie O’s, Audrey Hepburns, and Humphrey Bogarts of the world, than getting sucked into what Pinterest tells me must be pretty for the 2016 wedding season. And folks, this is why I am so lucky Avery and Bianca came into my life. I am still swooning over their stunning and classy wedding at the Marriott Syracuse Downtown. Every detail, from the pillars, crystal chandeliers, gorgeous dance floor, ornate and decorated ceilings–which are SUPER high I might add, and their incredibly efficient and professional staff, made this wedding unique and memorable (AND maybe the reason I did ten happy dances when I got home).

The Marriott Syracuse Downtown was a PERFECT location for two of the classiest and most in-love couples we’ve had the privilege of working with. Can we talk about Bianca’s gorgeous makeup (that she did herself), her stunning cathedral veil, and the classiest hairdo and dress ever! Everything about her look was striking and sophisticated. And Avery sported the most amazing navy blue James Bond tuxedo with black lapels. And it looked AWESOME.

It’s Not Just About The Marriott Syracuse and How Exceptionally Good-looking These Two Are!

But it gets better! These two were just as amazing in personality as they were in appearance! A&B went out of their way to thank anyone who crossed their paths. If only I had a penny for every time they thanked us. These two were trusting. They were flexible. They were not afraid to let us into their dream photos by sharing specific ideas they had in mind. And these are all attributes we crave in a couple. It is rare to find two individuals so interesting and wonderful  unto themselves. But what makes their relationship that much more profound, is to see how they complete one another. Something happens when these two are in the same room, and it is special to behold. Avery makes Bianca laugh. He makes her cry in the most adorable, “I will always love you” kind of way. And the look on Avery’s face when he sees Bianca is one that says, “I appreciate who you are more than anything else in this world.” There is a veteran painting professor from Syracuse University who once said, “Find someone who is fascinating and who stays fascinating.” I think that’s what makes these two so perfect: they’re both found someone truly fascinating. All my best to Avery and Bianca!

With Love, Jennifer


hotel syracuse vrooman photography-3 syracuse wedding photographer-3

syracuse wedding photographer-2

syracuse wedding photographer-4

mariott syracuse downtown_-15

syracuse wedding photographer-5

syracuse wedding photographer-6

syracuse wedding photographer-8

syracuse wedding photographer-7

syracuse wedding photographer-10

syracuse wedding photographer-9

syracuse wedding photographer-12

syracuse wedding photographer-13

syracuse wedding photographer-15

syracuse wedding photographer-16

syracuse wedding photographer-18

syracuse wedding photographer-19

syracuse wedding photographer-21
syracuse wedding photographer-22

syracuse wedding photographer-23

hotel syracuse vrooman photography-4

hotel syracuse wedding-2

hotel syracuse vrooman photography-6

hotel syracuse vrooman photography-7

hotel syracuse wedding-3

hotel syracuse wedding-4

hotel syracuse wedding-6

hotel syracuse wedding-8

hotel syracuse wedding-9

hotel syracuse wedding-10

hotel syracuse wedding-11

hotel syracuse wedding-12

hotel syracuse wedding-13

hotel syracuse wedding-14
hotel syracuse wedding-16

hotel syracuse wedding-17

hotel syracuse wedding-18

hotel syracuse wedding-19

hotel syracuse wedding-20
hotel syracuse vrooman photography-9

Hotel Syracuse cocktail hour under antique chandelier

live music during cocktail hour syracuse wedding

Marriott Syracuse Downtown Grand Ballroom Vrooman
hotel syracuse wedding-22

hotel syracuse wedding-24

hotel syracuse wedding-27

mariott syracuse downtown_-2

mariott syracuse downtown_-3

mariott syracuse downtown_-4

mariott syracuse downtown_-5

mariott syracuse downtown_-9

mariott syracuse downtown_-10
syracuse photographer-2

syracuse photographer-3

mariott syracuse downtown_-13



syracuse photographer-4

Aren’t these sashes uh-mazing! Elizabeth from Elizabeth’s Chair Cover Rental did an awesome job in this room!syracuse photographer-5

syracuse photographer-6

syracuse photographer-8
syracuse photographer-10
syracuse photographer-12

syracuse photographer-16

syracuse photographer-17

syracuse photographer-19

syracuse photographer-20

syracuse photographer-31 syracuse photographer-32

syracuse photographer-36

syracuse photographer-37

syracuse photographer-35

syracuse photographer-40

syracuse photographer-42

syracuse photographer-43

syracuse photographer-45

syracuse photographer-47

syracuse photographer-48

syracuse photographer-49

syracuse photographer-50

syracuse photographer-51

syracuse photographer-53


syracuse photographer-56syracuse photographer-54


syracuse photographer-60
syracuse photographer-63

syracuse photographer-64

syracuse photographer-65

syracuse photographer-66
syracuse photographer-68

syracuse photographer-70

syracuse photographer-71

syracuse photographer-73

syracuse photographer-72


syracuse photographer-74

syracuse photographer-76

syracuse photographer-79

father-daughter dance in the Persian Terrace of the Marriott Syracuse Downtown, formerly known as the Hotel Syracuse
engagement and wedding rings on a copy pipe in the lobby of the Marriott Syracuse Downtown

toast for father of the bride speech at wedding held at the Marriott Sracuse Downtown

syracuse photographer-21


Green Lakes Engagement: Amanda and Tom

This Green Lakes State Park and LeMoyne College engagement session with Tom & Amanda was such an exciting way to kick off the 2016 wedding season. The sun was shining, the temperature was perfect, and the wind was blowing just enough to make Amanda’s hair have that perfect “flow in the breeze” sort of look. And lest I forget Jeter, A&T’s adorable, fuzzy bundle of joy! He was all about having his photo taken, and we were all about taking it.

I love the way these two laugh together. I love that I can tell that Tom thinks Amanda is the most beautiful woman he has ever met. I love how Amanda exudes a feeling of complete safety with Tom. And I love how they both love Jeter. As a puppy mama myself, some puppy love never gets old!

And can we please just take a second to talk about how gorgeous Amanda is?! Seriously, girl. Stop making us look so bad!

LeMoyne College was the perfect place to start their photos, because this is both their alma mater. Tom played baseball, hence Jeter’s name, and so photos by the Diamond were a must for these two. I absolutely love when a couple wants to take their engagement photos at a location that has so much meaning to them. But because the A&T decided to go with a couple of different locations, Green Lakes and Armory Square being the others, we were able to get different looks within the same session, which is my favorite! We were also able to grab a few photos in front of the pub in Syracuse downtown, where the two first met, which just added to all the feels for this intimate session.  It was a gorgeous day spent with stunning people, and I cannot wait to work with them again. Congrats you two!

syracuse engagement session-28syracuse engagement session-29 syracuse engagement session-27 syracuse engagement session-26 syracuse engagement session-25 syracuse engagement session-24 syracuse engagement session-22syracuse engagement session-23 syracuse engagement session-21 syracuse engagement session-20 syracuse engagement session-19 syracuse engagement session-18 syracuse engagement session-17 syracuse engagement session-16 syracuse engagement session-15 syracuse engagement session-14 syracuse engagement session-13 syracuse engagement session-12 syracuse engagement session-11 syracuse engagement session-10 syracuse engagement session-9 syracuse engagement session-8 syracuse engagement session-7 syracuse engagement session-6 syracuse engagement session-5 syracuse engagement session-4 syracuse engagement session-3 syracuse engagement session-2

Lake Placid Elopement: Erin & Sam

This Lake Placid Elopement was the absolute perfect way to kick off my 2016 season. I met Sam and Erin at Jim and Jennie’s wedding which you can see here, as both of them were in J&J’s bridal party. This was an authentic elopement with no one present but the judge, the couple, and the photographer. The couple chose to tie the knot in Lake Placid, NY at the Whiteface Lodge on a Wednesday. Just days before, there was no snow to be had, but we got lucky with a beautiful dusting just two days before the Big Day. There is nothing more romantic than being in Lake Placid in winter, during the week, when shops are warm and ready for visitors, but streets are quiet, poised for the weekend, and no one seems to bustle about but the couple waiting to say “I Do” in one of the most beautiful and romantic little cities in Upstate NY! The couple had stayed at the Lodge a couple of years prior, and promised one another that they would someday say their vows at this place that stole their hearts so many years prior. The vision for this wedding was meant to invoke a cozy, classic feel, pulling from beloved names and heirlooms. The groom’s boots were a classic duck boot from L.L. Bean, and the bride sported the classic green Hunter boots to ensure proper footwear for their trek through the snow. The couple kept warm under an authentic Woolrich buffalo check blanket, which covered the groom’s custom tailored tweed suit and the bride’s dress from BHLDN.
I knew I had found the perfect couple when I arrived to their room to get detail shots, and they were sipping on vodka, listening to Carol King, and slowly getting ready, just the two of them and all their stunning details.
The groom is an avid grouse hunter, so the gorgeous loose greens bouquet and boutonniere were peppered with beautiful grouse feathers to wrap every detail with a personal touch. The two most meaningful details the groom brought with him were his English Setter tie click, because he was wasn’t able to have his beloved dogs with him on the wedding day, and his father’s leather Rolex watch. His father was a cartoonist by trade and passed away only months before the wedding. The bride and groom’s rings were perfect descriptions of their style, with a copper and Rose Gold vintage metal and gorgeous diamond.
The couple met in college at Cornell University, in business and nursing, and the two said they’ve been inseparable since their freshman year of college.
After vows, we took a photo break to cozy up in an adorable Adirondack-style lean to on the premises to have cupcakes from the local bakery, “Cake Placid” with a bottle of champagne purchased by the groom. The dessert was decorated with the most adorable “Mr. & Mrs.” place cards stamped and stitched together by the groom himself (he even sewed on his own buttons to his jacket!). This place card matched the hand made vow cards the bride made, which they used during the ceremony. After relishing in a private cupcake moment, we went out for more photos, complete with a cozy snow storm, and finished inside the Lodge’s recreation area for S’mores by the fire, just the two of them and the photographer. These two did not use a private and intimate ceremony as an excuse not to indulge in all the finest details that exemplified all their favorite things. They merely basked in all the classic and cozy beauty, just the two of them, in their favorite place, and continually repeated that this elopement was the best decision for them.

I especially love this day because it held many “firsts” for me.

  1. This was my first elopement–and I sort of want to do a million more!
  2. This was my first time being the official witness! Guys, I felt so needed! I actually had to sign their vows! SO fun!
  3. This was the first time I brought my husband to a wedding to walk next to me and hold an umbrella the entire time. It just takes one snow flake on that lens to really make a sad set of photos!
  4. This was the first time I knocked over a couple’s expensive bottle of champagne only moments following the groom telling us how specifically he picked this particular bottle out. I know. I should have just gone home then, right?!
  5. This was the first time taking photos of a bride and groom next to taxidermy.
  6. This is the first wedding to make it into the “Top 100″/”Best of the Best” category in the international and highly competitive Shoot and Share photo competition where over 200,000 photos are entered from around the world and include images from some of my favorite photographers ever! More on that soon! But I included a little visual for you to see how far one of Sam and Erin’s photos went! Go Sam and Erin!!10604103_10154075130959744_6243454730173637458_o (1)
    lakeplacidnyJVP_2892 JVP_2903
    JVP_2936 JVP_2949 JVP_2955 JVP_2969 JVP_3004 JVP_3015
    JVP_3064 JVP_3083 JVP_3116 JVP_3126 JVP_3145 JVP_3158 JVP_3200 JVP_3240 JVP_3293 JVP_3296 JVP_3312 JVP_3340 JVP_3342 JVP_3350 JVP_3442 JVP_3507 JVP_3522 JVP_3534 JVP_3567 JVP_3588 JVP_3600 JVP_3725 JVP_3733 JVP_3800 JVP_3801 JVP_3808 JVP_3836 JVP_3859 JVP_3872 JVP_3915 JVP_3941 JVP_3950 JVP_3981 JVP_4062 JVP_4070 JVP_4075 JVP_4135 JVP_4169 JVP_4198 JVP_4259 JVP_4285 JVP_4294 JVP_4304 JVP_4330 JVP_4347 JVP_4384 JVP_4387 JVP_4395 JVP_4404 JVP_4406 JVP_4437 JVP_4441 JVP_4481 JVP_4494

Traditions Syracuse NY: Pat & Kelly

Patrick and Kelly’s classic and elegant wedding celebrated at Traditions, the stunning reception venue on the East side of Syracuse, NY. But the day began at a cathedral in Syracuse, surrounded by friends and family, AND Kelly’s students (I know! Right?! I knew Kelly was a pretty amazing bride before this point, but after seeing all her students proudly filling the front row pews, I know there was something extra special about this bride), and was such a beautiful portrayal of honest love and family devotion. Tears were shed, laughs were heard, and very many proud students listened on as “Ms. Knudson” became “Mrs. Miller.”

Patrick is Kelly’s giggle. He is the one-liner to her serious thought, and he is her security and faithful and closest friend. Kelly is Patrick’s grounded, strong, and unwavering  and fun companion. And they are both the proud parents to their adorable, fun-loving, goofy and affectionate puppy, Miles, that puts the skip in Patrick’s step and the melt to Kelly’s mama heart.

K&P’s Big Day focused around simple, classic, less-is-more elegance, and oh, how stunningly spot on it was. I am a sucker for simple and gorgeous wedding dresses, and please do not even get me started on a bow-tie and tuxedo. It just won’t EVER go out of style, friends. You will never regret going classic. This is a huge reason why K&P’s classic wedding fit right into our ideal wedding photography.

Friends, it rained; and it rained; and it rained. All day. But the best part? It didn’t put a single damper (YYYAAASS, this is intentional, and I hardly regret it!) on their day in the slightest. This a great reason why you should never second guess working with a team of people who know how to work under any circumstance and always, always have a plan no matter what! Our plan? Sims Hall at Syracuse University. It had stone pillars; it had towering shelter from the rain, and it wasn’t too far from their reception location at Traditions. It also is not a regular wedding destination, so I had a hunch it’d be available, unlike its neighbor, Hendrick’s Chapel. However, we got lucky and were able to get all our formals done here as well as  Hendrick’s Chapel. Not only were we able to complete all formals here, despite the rain, these locations actually PERFECTLY worked into their style of timeless elegance.

And of course, Traditions at the Links did not disappoint. The rain only “whet” (I can’t help it.) the guests’ appetite for more celebration. The staff at the Links made certain that every detail was set perfectly and every pop of navy and yellow pulled in every aspect of K&P’s perfect day. I am so incredibly honored to have been a part of such a special day with such welcoming, classy, and FUN people. And if someone were to ask what my favorite part of this wonderful job is, I would have to share that a top three is having the opportunity to return to similar circles, either by family or by close friends, and having the chance to celebrate AGAIN with some of our amazing couples and their family. Last year, we were able to photograph Kelly’s sister’s wedding, which meant that working with Kelly and Pat meant seeing everyone again, and it was all the more special the second time!

black bowtie tuxedo

bowtie tuxedo; classy wedding




JVP_8172JVP_8226hair and makeup wedding photography, central new yorkJVP_8408
classic bride ivory dress black and white wedding portrait

groomsmen suits






father and bride chapel, syracuse ny

wedding photos cathedral syracuse ny

first kiss, catholic church syracuse ny
bride and groom photos at hendricks chapel university campus, syracuse new york

classic couple wedding photography syracuse new york syracuse university

groom portrait, syracuse university campus wedding photos
natural wedding photos upstate ny
rainy wedding photos with umbrella
sims library wedding photos syracuse ny bride and groom
wedding photos hendricks chapel, bride and groom

upstate new york wedding photos

simple and classic wedding dress bridal photos


flowing veil photo, bride and groom, le moyne college

citrus wedding details, baby's breath wedding flowers

traditions at the links, syracuse new york

syracuse ny florist
cake cutting at reception at traditions at the links east syracuse new york

cakes galore, traditions at the links, yellow flowers

first dance at traditions at the links

I have never been disappointed with Traditions’ dance floor! 

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Wedding Day Advice from a “Veteran”

I have been married for ten years this year. That’s a long time, everyone! Maybe not to my parents, but to my past college student self, my past middle school teacher self, to my teacher husband, swim coach spouse, kidless Office and Arrested Development binger selves, late night ice cream run couple, world traveler selves, and now to our two baby, school administrator and business owner selves, ten years is a long time, even if we still have eight months before the official ten year mark.

I look back at so many life decisions we’ve had to make together, and I am really proud of most of them. It’s not the really big choices that I often lament, so this is a good thing! Can I get an “AMEN!” But I do often look back on my wedding day and wish I had known a few things before this point.

Getting married is such an immensely overwhelming task (yes, a TASK, friends!!! It’s not a party until cocktail hour, and don’t you forget it!). So here are a few things I wish I’d known as my younger, less mature, not married for ten years self.

  1. This day is about your new spouse and you and the celebration of your marriage. While it is also a day for a mother to celebrate the wedding of her child, and a father to gain a daughter or son in-“love,” these incredibly important and meaningful additions come second to the fact that you are celebrating your union as husband and wife. So when lots and lots of people are giving really wonderful suggestions, remember that they’re suggestions, and that this day is a day for you and your spouse and there will never be another day like this ever.JVP_2562
  1. Details can really tell the story of who you are aesthetically, but at the end of the day, it is about the people.JVP_4868


I was a college student fiance. I was incredibly worried about my grades, and my parents’ house had just burned down, and they were expecting their first grand-baby, and had already done the wedding thing, twice, within the last 18 months, so there was a lot happening. I felt like I was constantly chasing my tail, and sometimes it was hard to tell which direction was forward and which was behind me. So get a planner, make a list of what you have to accomplish, and then hash this list out on a calendar with deadlines by which they must be complete. Do not think you “have time,” for my sweet friends, this is the wedding industry. You do not have time. You are competing for dates against princess brides who have been planning this day since they were seven. It’s a dog-eat-dog world, my friend. Don’t wait. You don’t have time.

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4. (Here’s where my personal world collides with my business world—which is intentional)

So much of how I run my wedding photography business is based on what I wish I knew as a young bride. How I arrange my packages is based on the choices I wish I had as a young bride. But hinds sight is 20/20. So take it from me, the photographer who still doesn’t have an official album: plan ahead for what you hope to be holding in your arms after the wedding. Do you want a gorgeous folio box that holds your images that you can put on an end table? Circle that choice on the paperwork BEFORE the wedding. Do you want that heirloom album that beautifully tells the story of your day from prep to reception? Plan for it BEFORE the wedding. Know how it is getting in your hands, and plan to leave it in the photographer’s hands so you’re not having to do the work to get it to you. Otherwise, it won’t happen. I DISTINCTLY remember telling an older colleague of mine (I was working at a home-grown soap factory at the time) that I had just received scrap book supplies for Christmas and how I wanted to make a scrapbook out of my wedding photos (back when scrapbooking was a major thang—c’mon! You remember!). She said, “that’s wonderful! I would suggest giving yourself a deadline of a year. Mark it on your calendar and hold yourself to it.” To which my thought was, “Heck, Lady, a YEAR?! I’m cracking this project open tomorrow!” The materials still sit in my attic and my photos are still in a proof book. Life happens! Grades are due, rent is due, the car payment is due, over-due dinner dates are due, babies are due… life keeps on, and if you do not make a specific initiation in allowing others to do some work for you, you will invariably prioritize your time, and I promise that album design is not going to fall on the top of the list in those busy days. So, this is not a shameless plug to include an album in your package. These words of wisdom come from you less as a business person and truly from the heart of a young bride who now holds ten years of marriage and life experience who still has a proof book on her daughter’s bedroom shelf. Procrastination and “life cramming” is a real thing.album sample (3 of 3) album sample (2 of 3)

  1. Try to allow the day to run as slowly as possible.

Perhaps more than any other day in your lives (baby delivery equals so much adrenalin that it’s a different kind of surreal.), your wedding day is this out-of-body experience where you feel invigorated and numb at the same time. Time is flashing before you and moving at a snail’s pace without you there all at the same time. You care about every decision on that day, but you’re unable to make any of them. You know exactly what is supposed to happen and at the same time, you need a friend to help you pee because you’re just incapable of doing anything yourself that day. It’s just a weird and crazy experience. And you’re going to wake up and feel like you don’t remember anything from it. Trust me! So, really, really try to just absorb it all and enjoy it. AND EAT YOUR DINNER DANGIT! Plan all the details in advance. Make sure that everyone in charge of something knows what his/her job is EXACTLY before the actual day, and then TRUST them and allow them to do what they know you want them to do. Also, have a friend or family member who knows you well enough to help you make any decisions that might come down the line on the day of. This will alleviate so much stress on your part. Lastly, ENJOY yourself on this incredibly important wedding day.JVP_2289-2

Springside Inn Auburn NY: wedding

I could not have asked for a better couple to end the season with than with Matt and Kristen at the Springside Inn in Auburn, NY. These two were everything: gentle, welcoming, GORGEOUS, fun, trusting, and so incredibly in love. Winter weddings are a double edged sword for this girl: they’re known to be rather chilly, especially here in upstate, NY, can I get an “AMEN!” But goodness, are they lovely! This winter has been one of those crazy ones where we didn’t get snow until January, but nonetheless, even the crisp air, the winter light, and all the pretty winter details made this day a fabulous winter celebration. Kristen’s colors were a rich cranberry, and her stunning bouquet from Whistle Stop Florist had different variations of pinks and creams that matched the red tones perfectly.

Kristen was a classic bride, from her dress, to her makeup, by the famous Syracuse Makeup Artistry, and her choice of colors made for a solid, romantic, and timeless look.

M&K were married by Kristen’s  uncle (I know, right?! So special!) at The Point at Sand Beach  with their reception at the GORGEOUS, vintage Springside Inn, just down the street from their ceremony. And folks, let me tell you! Between the couple and their family, and the amazing service at Springside working closely together, there was not a single detail out of place! The day was straight from a fairy tale.

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