May 19, 2015

Taylor & Casie are Engaged!

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If there were ever a couple who were so incredibly natural in front of the camera, it would be these two.

Taylor and Casie made my job incredibly easy with their infectious laughter, their love for one another,

and their comfortability in front of the camera. And they’re raising adorable Melo to be the same! What. a. cutie!

Melo seriously cried for his mom and dad when he was not in the photos. I. know. I can hardly handle it.

Though he was in good hands with his Grandma Kathy, who I had the pleasure of meeting before

the wedding which was such a treat! Casie and Taylor’s “how we met” story is adorable, original, and totally fun,

though I will leave the details to them! And their beginning does not surprise me in the least, as their interaction

with one another is adorable, original, and totally fun. Taylor makes Casie laugh for the camera,

and maybe just in life in general, and Casie keeps Taylor focused on the photo, and probably the “bigger picture” as well.

These two complement one another perfectly, and it was such a joy to get to know them even just a little better and makes

me even more excited to work with them again! The lesson I learned from spending the day with Taylor and Casie (and Melo of course!)

was to laugh often and allow your best friend to complete you. Sometimes it’s scary! But well-placed vulnerability always wins. Thanks for hanging with me at Green Lakes, T., C., K., and M!

JVP_1663-Edit JVP_1679 JVP_1685

That bow-tie!JVP_1736 JVP_1762 JVP_1823
JVP_1896-Edit JVP_1922-Edit JVP_1965 JVP_2017

T + C = Love!JVP_2433 JVP_2474

That ring is stunning, Casie!JVP_2550 PicMonkey Collage.jpg2

I told Taylor to give me a serious face, and this is what a got on the left. We laughed at him,

and this is what I got on the right *I really wanted this one anyways* 🙂

PicMonkey Collage.jpg3

Casie, can you get any more beautiful?!?  PicMonkey Collage.jpg5PicMonkey Collage.jpg4

PicMonkey Collage.jpg6

Capturing honest laughter is one of my favorite expressions to freeze in time. PicMonkey Collage.jpg8 PicMonkey Collage.jpg9 PicMonkey Collage.jpga

Clearly, Melo feels strongly about both his mother and father kissing him at the same time. 
JVP_2335 PicMonkey Collage.jpga

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