September 23, 2015

My Confession

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I have a confession to make and I’m ready to make it. After all these years of making excuses, being in denial, burying and burying the truth… I’m ready to acknowledge, declare it, and get better: I am a horrible blogger. It’s true! And I can’t deny it any longer.

There are so many “good” excuses (but like my daddy used to say: ‘you can have a good excuse but never a good reason’) to why this is the case, and none of them stem from the lack of excitement I have about sharing my world and my couples’ photos with the world, or for writing for that matter. Another secret is that deep down (deeep down, friends), I am a perfectionist, so if I cannot clean my house, cobwebs AND mopping, then I just won’t clean it. So if I cannot have my blog perfectly so, then I have succumbed to “just not doing it.”

Some lies I’ve told myself along the way are:

“I’m rebranding (“ing” as in present tense? Still?!), right? And I haven’t finished the brand.”

“I didn’t like my blog the first time around and so I changed it and am still making (still?!) tweaks to it so it is just right.”

“I have children dang-it!”

“Isn’t it more important to get my clients their photos on time than it is to blog about them?” (as if there has to be an option between the two…)

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But none of these are sufficient, and all of them are merely cover-ups for the truth: my business lacked a system that intentionally led to successful blogging, and as a result, I’ve cheated myself out of quality communion with people who might want to know more about the girl behind the camera and for friends and family to learn more about their loved ones’ glorious wedding days.

So folks, I’d say, “I’m back!” but that would lead a reader to believe I had at some point been “there,” and I have not…after all these years been “here” enough to warrant a return greeting.

But the amazing part about business ownership (and life really, right?) is that one is constantly evolving and has never really “arrived.” Business ownership doesn’t easily lend itself to that stationary “you made it” promotion. Instead, a beautiful thing about this job, and life in general, is that I’ll never fully “arrive.” There is just so much to learn and ways to grow, that rather than arriving, I’m always just climbing, ever so subtly and humbly, one (itty, bitty, baby) step at a time.


So here I am blog world! Ready to make promises to my couples, their families and friends who wish to know more about Vrooman Photography and the VP couples we serve. But this time, instead of making a move only when I KNOW everything is perfect, I’d like to take a leap of faith, a step of ACTION and move forward, faults and all, in the hopes of forcing myself to grow as I move, rather than just continuing to leave it on the dusty To-Do list. So friends, be gracious as I work out these bloggo world kinks. It’s a crazy world in here! But hopefully along the way, we can learn from one another, even if it’s just how to have abundant doses of grace, and hopefully it will become a better and better place for me to share what Vrooman Photography is doing to help freeze time and build memories for so many deserving couples and their families.

What’s a pledge without a promise, right? So, moving forward, I do not promise for every entry to be perfect, or perfectly put in the right category (these DARN categories!! Oh, technology!), but I DO promise to write about four main parts of my world: my family, my couples, my business, and my hobbies.

I do not promise to blog on the same day of the week (not yet! I hope to get there SOON), but I DO promise to blog every week.

I do not promise to have something riveting to say on every post, but I DO promise to strive to make my content relevant to my followers and to maintain a spirit of positivity, because really, who wants to read about more negativity, am I right?

I do not promise to be perfect in my presentation, but I DO promise to keep working at it and to improve every tiny bit at a time!

Thank you for subscribing and hanging in there with me!


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  1. Kristi

    September 24th, 2015 at 1:12 am

    Proud of you, your honesty, and your business commitment!! You know I’ll be following along!! Newest subscriber..check.

  2. Dean

    September 24th, 2015 at 6:44 am

    Love it! Looking forward all your photography adventures! Can’t wait to see lots and lots of pictures of your beautiful family:)

    Miss you!!

  3. Nan

    September 24th, 2015 at 12:57 pm

    You are a wonderful “conversationalist” and an skilled & artistic photographer ~ I for one look forward to enjoying our “conversations” over tea and a blog!

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