March 7, 2018

Marriott Syracuse Downtown Wedding

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When Aniela and Tim contacted me to tell me they were looking for a wedding photographer for their wedding at the Marriott Syracuse Downtown, I knew instantly that their wedding would be nothing short of an epic day. And that it was! Everything from Aniela’s stunning custom made dress from Italy, to the gorgeous, large floral centerpieces, to the countless gold accents, Tim and Aniela’s day was full-on fairy-tale material! Before heading to the Marriott Syracuse Downtown to celebrate, Tim and Aniela said their vows in a beautiful Catholic mass and then headed home to take some photos with their beloved four-legged children. This was important to the two, and I’m so glad we discussed the timeline, in detail (MINUTE detail) to ensure Tim and Aniela had enough time to fit in all the most important parts of their day, without feeling rushed. We had backups for the backup, which is why, when the day was running a tad behind, we were able to use one of our planned backups and get shots of the puppies, all while getting the two back on schedule. I feel pretty strongly about being as involved in the day’s planning as much as a couple would allow. It makes for a more enjoyable day for the couple and allows us to capture all the moments I know are so important to each couple–without sacrificing quality.

As always, the Marriott Syracuse Downtown wedding staff had everything perfectly set up upon the couple’s arrival, and the party quickly hit the ground running with Jack from Jone’s Tones DJ Services.  I will always appreciate photographing at this venue, because it so closely matches JVP’s style. I have been yearning for a venue like the Marriott Syracuse Downtown to be established for weddings. In fact, I’ve yearned for the very hotel itself to reopen, which makes every wedding there that much more special. Three cheers for weddings at the Marriott Syracuse Downtown!

Aniela’s family is from Mexico, and I have to say, I was a bit blown away, and a tad (by a “tad,” I mean immensely) jealous of so many of her family members who filled the dance floor with the most gorgeous and fun Latin dance moves! I was in awe, friends. Sheer awe. I might have tried to closely watch and learn a few steps, and I may or may not have practiced these moves privately in my home. But, spoiler alert: Aniela’s family looked way more beautiful doing them!


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