March 7, 2018

LeMoyne College Wedding: Tiffany and Jim

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What’s the most natural plan for two LeMoyne graduates, who met at LeMoyne, lived at LeMoyne, graduated from LeMoyne and gained several friends from their experience there? Why, to have a LeMoyne College wedding of course! Tiffany and Jim did just that, and it was nothing less than perfection. I just adore all the stained-glass windows in the chapel and the summery, arch leading up to the chapel with greens overhanging the entire length of the walk. What isn’t to love! For the reception, the college has redone their gorgeous, bright and airy banquet facility, and the cathedral ceilings and skylights made for such a natural and gorgeous reception.

Jim purchased his suit from Mr. Shop, and it fit him like a glove. I felt like Jim Cary himself was walking in our midst! So CLASSY!! And when Tiffany showed me a photo of her dress and told me the girls were wearing black, well, my heart skipped a beat. Tiff’s dress was a stunning masterpiece to the already gorgeous day.

Lemoyne college weddings hold a special place in my heart, because, as the cards fell naturally, I have photographed the most couples from this university compared to the other colleges in the area. Every single couple has been beyond kind, fun, and totally a dream to work with. Tiffany, Jim, and their entire bridal party were no exception! I loved every second of my time with them and am completely honored they chose me to be a part of their insanely perfect LeMoyne College wedding!

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