March 23, 2016

Lake Placid Elopement: Erin & Sam

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This Lake Placid Elopement was the absolute perfect way to kick off my 2016 season. I met Sam and Erin at Jim and Jennie’s wedding which you can see here, as both of them were in J&J’s bridal party.┬áThis was an authentic elopement with no one present but the judge, the couple, and the photographer. The couple chose to tie the knot in Lake Placid, NY at the Whiteface Lodge on a Wednesday. Just days before, there was no snow to be had, but we got lucky with a beautiful dusting just two days before the Big Day. There is nothing more romantic than being in Lake Placid in winter, during the week, when shops are warm and ready for visitors, but streets are quiet, poised for the weekend, and no one seems to bustle about but the couple waiting to say “I Do” in one of the most beautiful and romantic little cities in Upstate NY! The couple had stayed at the Lodge a couple of years prior, and promised one another that they would someday say their vows at this place that stole their hearts so many years prior. The vision for this wedding was meant to invoke a cozy, classic feel, pulling from beloved names and heirlooms. The groom’s boots were a classic duck boot from L.L. Bean, and the bride sported the classic green Hunter boots to ensure proper footwear for their trek through the snow. The couple kept warm under an authentic Woolrich buffalo check blanket, which covered the groom’s custom tailored tweed suit and the bride’s dress from BHLDN.
I knew I had found the perfect couple when I arrived to their room to get detail shots, and they were sipping on vodka, listening to Carol King, and slowly getting ready, just the two of them and all their stunning details.
The groom is an avid grouse hunter, so the gorgeous loose greens bouquet and boutonniere were peppered with beautiful grouse feathers to wrap every detail with a personal touch. The two most meaningful details the groom brought with him were his English Setter tie click, because he was wasn’t able to have his beloved dogs with him on the wedding day, and his father’s leather Rolex watch. His father was a cartoonist by trade and passed away only months before the wedding. The bride and groom’s rings were perfect descriptions of their style, with a copper and Rose Gold vintage metal and gorgeous diamond.
The couple met in college at Cornell University, in business and nursing, and the two said they’ve been inseparable since their freshman year of college.
After vows, we took a photo break to cozy up in an adorable Adirondack-style lean to on the premises to have cupcakes from the local bakery, “Cake Placid” with a bottle of champagne purchased by the groom. The dessert was decorated with the most adorable “Mr. & Mrs.” place cards stamped and stitched together by the groom himself (he even sewed on his own buttons to his jacket!). This place card matched the hand made vow cards the bride made, which they used during the ceremony. After relishing in a private cupcake moment, we went out for more photos, complete with a cozy snow storm, and finished inside the Lodge’s recreation area for S’mores by the fire, just the two of them and the photographer. These two did not use a private and intimate ceremony as an excuse not to indulge in all the finest details that exemplified all their favorite things. They merely basked in all the classic and cozy beauty, just the two of them, in their favorite place, and continually repeated that this elopement was the best decision for them.

I especially love this day because it held many “firsts” for me.

  1. This was my first elopement–and I sort of want to do a million more!
  2. This was my first time being the official witness! Guys, I felt so needed! I actually had to sign their vows! SO fun!
  3. This was the first time I brought my husband to a wedding to walk next to me and hold an umbrella the entire time. It just takes one snow flake on that lens to really make a sad set of photos!
  4. This was the first time I knocked over a couple’s expensive bottle of champagne only moments following the groom telling us how specifically he picked this particular bottle out. I know. I should have just gone home then, right?!
  5. This was the first time taking photos of a bride and groom next to taxidermy.
  6. This is the first wedding to make it into the “Top 100″/”Best of the Best” category in the international and highly competitive Shoot and Share photo competition where over 200,000 photos are entered from around the world and include images from some of my favorite photographers ever! More on that soon! But I included a little visual for you to see how far one of Sam and Erin’s photos went! Go Sam and Erin!!10604103_10154075130959744_6243454730173637458_o (1)
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  1. Shirley Pike

    March 23rd, 2016 at 11:22 pm

    I know Sam very well i watch him grow from a baby to a wonderful human being, I am so happy he found Erin she is great for him and brings out the best in him. I have seen Erin comfort him when he lost his dad. From the pictures that you have taken you certainly have capture the meaning that Sam and Erin have for one another. You photography is a wonderful art that you have. Keep it up you are a very talented photographer.
    Best Regards;
    Shirley Pike

  2. admin

    June 19th, 2016 at 12:58 pm

    Thank you so much for your kind words, Shirley! Erin and Sam were such a pleasure to work with. It was truly an honor. And their Lake Placid wedding was one of my favorites ever!

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