June 9, 2015

High School Engagement Session

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Ben and Bethany’s high school engagement session was a blast! 

Ben and Bethany are rare. They’re rare in a special and unique way I’m sure for lots of reasons but a distinguishing part of their relationship, which sets them apart from many, is that these two did not meet in college; they didn’t meet at a party with mutual friends, they didn’t meet on the job. No, B&B officially “met” in high school and had lockers only two doors down from each other! And Ben tells me he remembers Bethany’s name from 4th grade.

I love the way Ben makes Bethany laugh. I love how Ben looks at Bethany. The love between these two is inspiring. They’re the type of couple you can look at and know, “yes, they are truly, truly in it for the long haul!” I loved working with Bethany and Ben because they are down-to-earth, they are kind (like, really, really authentically, in their heart of hearts kind), and they humored me, made me feel welcome in their circle, and were incredibly easy to hang out with. I can’t wait to work with Ben and Bethany again! Their high school engagement session was a blast, and I am looking forward to witnessing their vows at Ryan’s Lookout in 2016!

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