October 20, 2015

Hendrick’s Chapel Syracuse, NY

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Every wedding has its “thing,” that item, tradition, person/people, or venue that makes it stand out from the others. And I have to admit, that I am a sucker for events that are housed in gorgeous cathedrals. There’s just something so regal and inescapable about its majesty. Tie that together with the event being a wedding, the day where two people vow to be the other’s person for eternity, and it’s enough to give me chills! Danielle and Mike chose to commit themselves to one another at Hendrick’s Chapel in Syracuse, and this chapel, while it was not my first to attend, did not disappoint. The ivy covering the front veranda, the checkered foyer, enormous heavy wooden doors, gazillion foot ceilings… I just loved it. I also love that it rained during the ceremony and not the formals!

M&D also chose to do a first look, my favorite, which enabled them to do all their formals right there on campus, prior to the ceremony, so after “I Do,” it was only time to celebrate! This was especially nice for Mike. Mike is gentle, authentic, and humble. He’s not one to adore being in the limelight, having to be the center of attention, and certain not the center of a photograph. But Mike loves his gorgeous new wife, and so he tolerated my antics for the day. Needless to say however, the First Look was the best option for these two, as they could get all the “tough” stuff done early in the day and enjoy the rest of their day, free of formals! Not that we made if difficult in the first place–I promise. Deep down inside his heart, I know he was loving every second.

Mike and Danielle were incredibly trusting, which is always a trait we value and never take for granted and for that, we were immensely grateful!

Let’s talk about Danielle’s dress. I am also a sucker for tulle; there’s something just really romantic and elegant about an abundance of lacy tulle in a photo, so naturally, Danielle’s dress made me swoon! Be sure to leave these two some love!!!



See what I mean about her dress?! Right?!

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