November 11, 2015

Halloween with Babies

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I grew up in a home where trick-or-treating was basically equivalent to selling your soul for a bowl of soup. So naturally, excited miniature vampires and ghosts were greeted at our door with lots of curious eyeballs staring at them from behind their mother, a “Sorry, we don’t celebrate Halloween,” and a closed door. No candy. I felt particularly badly for the suckers in our new hometown, who made the trek through our enormous, darkly lit front yard, up to the house, only to have to turn around, no candy in hand, and walk back through our yard, down our lengthy, and dark, driveway. This only happened a couple of times, and then “they” knew. But then again, I sort of felt like it was a natural consequence for interrupting our club: the very selective, anti-Halloween-so-we-turn-off-the-lights-and-watch-movies club. While we didn’t appreciate our movie being interrupted with the world’s shenanigans, I think we all sort of reveled in watching their Charlie Brown walk, down the drive of shame, as we all peered out the window thinking “sucka!”

But now I have my own children.

And while I hold fast to most of the truths by which I was raised, I have chosen to allow my children to participate in a holiday in which young Americans learn to trespass and request candy from adults who pay anywhere between 20-70 dollars to dole out, and I secretly wonder now who the “sucka” is. While I might have a glimpse of second guessing my choice to allow my kids this right of passage as the tomato soup stained ninja turtle boy incessantly rings my doorbell because I wasn’t fast enough to appear, candy in hand, on the first ring (where is his mother while he’s doing this?!), I think at the end of the day, my heart can settle with my decision. Especially when they’re all dressed up and the anticipation of being a part of something big–a whole town’s worth sort of big, is just too great for their little jittery decked out bodies to contain. And now that we have two, I have an acceptable excuse to match them.

Do these two not just melt your heart away? I still can’t shuck my roots entirely and will admittedly never allow my children costumes requiring fake blood or anything that might scare the youngest one involved (or the oldest if his name is Cy–I choose to believe he’s just sensitive and his wife will appreciate it later in life), or represent a sentiment or character from anything I would not allow my kids to watch on screen (see? It’s still down deep in there!), a mamma can’t resist the opportunity to dress her babies in a circus ensemble, complete with an affectionate ring master AND a stoic lion. I mean, really. It’s just too much. I cannot at all take the credit for their duo getup on this Halloween, as I was not even the one who found it on Pinterest–thanks, Sarah!

But because I let me soul rest easy just a little, I now have some of the most precious photos I’ve ever captured of these two together. Because really, that’s what Halloween is really about: the priceless photos of your loved ones in costume. Be still, my beating heart.

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