June 8, 2017

Craftsman Inn Fayetteville NY: Joe & Andrea

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Joe and Andrea were married at the Craftsman Inn in Fayetteville, NY, and there was not a single imperfection in their entire day. I wish I could have bottled up that weather for EVERY wedding for the next forever years!

It isn’t every day I get to photograph the same group of friends, over and over again. I found Joe and Andrea when Joe was in a wedding for a friend whose wedding we photographed a few years ago. And this group of friends has been nothing but love, love, love ever since! Andrea and Joe are both math teachers, which greatly worked in my favor for the wedding day timeline. Andrea is detail oriented (what school teacher isn’t?!), and doesn’t like to be rushed (fellow photographers, this is the part where you grab a coffee to calm your nerves of jealousy). These two may have had the best laid out schedule to date! My second shooter and I walked away from the day and both noted that neither of us felt rushed, even once, the ENTIRE day. This is such an amazing feeling. And more importantly, it allowed us to capture what was so important to Andrea and Joe without sacrificing quality due to any lost of crunched time. If you’re a future bride, and you’re looking for assistance with plotting out your wedding day timeline, please, please include your photographer in the planning! And if you’re a wedding photographer, seek out studious, organized math teachers whose second nature is number crunching and planning! I promise you won’t be disappointed!

More important than their organizational skills, or even how gorgeous the Craftsman Inn looked adorned in the couple’s special details and wedding colors, was watching Joe and Andrea together, and watching how their friends proudly and excitedly gathered around the two of them. There wasn’t “his friend” and “her friends,” because it is clear that J&A’s worlds have collided into a beautiful new world of “us.”

Before heading to the Craftsman to celebrate, Joe and Andrea were married at the Park Central Presbyterian Church in Syracuse, NY. And before saying their vows, the boys men prepped at the Craftsman Inn while the girls prepped right at the church. I was initially worried about what the lighting and ambiance might behold in the bottom of the church, until I walked in and realized it had the most beautiful word work and and large windows a photographer could ever ask for! It is in these rooms that held the most emotional part of the day, in my eyes. Andrea lost her mother in 2004, so Andrea’s dad came to the church in advance, to be there for final details and to see his baby girl dressed in white, ready to marry her best friend. Friends, the emotions ran high in these moments. There was not a dry eye when he turned to see his girl for the first time. And in these moments, I was reminded once again, the weight we hold as photographers. Andrea will forever have the rawness of this moment, all the anguish and joy, and celebration of life that seeped into the crevices of this father daughter first look. We must never take for granted the opportunities we are given.

I am incredibly honored to have met Andrea and Joe. I’m inspired by the love I saw poured out to them and from them to so many dear friends and family members. And I am immensely grateful and honored that out of all the people they could have had photograph such an important, memorable day, they chose to have JVP. I am humbled and grateful for the memories they allowed me to take with me, even though my job was to capture memories for them. I will forever love these two and I will forever love this friend group.  Cheers to two INCREDIBLE people!

wedding shoes for the craftsman inn wedding

The Craftsman Inn did a stunning job tying together Joe and Andrea’s vision for their perfect day! 

Craftsman Inn wedding centerpiece

craftsman inn wedding

craftsman inn wedding

I also love that the Craftsman Inn has a dedicated dance room! Who wouldn’t want a room solely devoted to a large dance floors, oh, and the bar!! Hashtag: favorite room!

Craftsmann Inn wedding

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