July 29, 2016

Colloca Estate Winery: Kaitlin & Brad

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The sun shown over the gorgeous Colloca Estate Winery for Kaitlin and Brad’s one-of-a-kind spring wedding. Birds sang, the blue water, which the property overlooks, shimmered, and the land was filled with laughter. Really.

For B&K’s engagement session, Kaitlin kept telling me, “I’m so awkward, just tell me what to do! I know we’re going to look weird.” But let me tell you: when brad let his eyes wander to his lovely bride-to-be, and Kaitlin gave my camera that stop-you-in-your tracks stare, phew! Friends! There was nothing awkward about it! It was pure magic! These two could not have made my job easier, and that’s one of the reasons why we love them.


But honestly, the number one reason why I loved working with Kaitlin and Brad is because they  loved each other. Every look they gave, every motion they made, screamed, “you are my best friend, and you are my safe place.” And it’s this that we love. They have a spark about them that says, “we’re never going to age; we’ll always be young, and when per chance, we happen to grow old, we’ll do it hand in hand.” That’s powerful stuff, friends! It’s contagious. I left working with them and came home and gave my better half a giant hug.

I just know that if Brad and Kaitlin ever track me down for an anniversary session, he’s going to take those same glances full of love, in the direction of his lady, and she’s going to laugh at all his jokes.


Congrats to two of the cutest couples ever.









Brad had to say goodbye to his very dear friend far too early. As a way to remember him and have him there at the wedding, close to Brad the entire day, Kaitlin gifted Brad with a beautiful pocket watch holding a photo of Brad’s beloved companion. Such a thoughtful and heartfelt gift it was. IMG_0145 JVP_5911JVP_5924JVP_5939JVP_5951JVP_5991JVP_6036JVP_6067

Oh, Colloca Estate Winery golden hour, how we love thee!

JVP_6930JVP_6935JVP_6954JVP_6990JVP_7087IMG_0220 IMG_0249 IMG_0304 IMG_0312 IMG_0315 IMG_0351 IMG_0422
bride and groom's first dance under wedding tent at colloca estate winery JVP_1501 JVP_1564 bride and groom posing in front of water at colloca estate winery JVP_1579 JVP_1695 JVP_1770
JVP_1905 JVP_2015 JVP_2038


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  1. Annlyn Rookey

    July 31st, 2016 at 4:35 am

    Thanks so much the pictures are just beautiful!

  2. Dean

    July 31st, 2016 at 7:04 am

    Beautiful work. Your photos are breathtaking!

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