November 3, 2015

A Skaneateles, NY Engagement

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I am just swooning over this engagement session we shared right across from the Sherwood Inn in Skaneateles. Matt, Kristen and I met for the first time in Cafe Kubal on Salina Street in Syracuse, and I had a feeling these two were special. My first impressions were confirmed when I heard more about their amazing wedding day. They were planning to say their vows at The Point at Sand Beach and to celebrate at the beautiful Springside Inn in Auburn, with a super small bridal party, during the holiday season. Mmm! I can just feel the cozy holiday intimacy now!

And our engagement session was no disappointment to my presuppositions of Matt and Kristen and their wedding experience. We went out on peak weekend, because K&M really wanted a Syracuse fall engagement session to capture our Central New York leaves since their day will hopefully be filled with fluffy, romantic snow. We settled on an apple orchard right outside of Main Skaneateles and then hopped over to the front of the Sherwood Inn, where we played under the beautiful trees and in front of the dock.

I don’t care if it’s cliche; I’m such a sucker for 1930s fashion with a touch of hipster to add to the mix. It’s bohemian and classic all rolled into one, and I can hardly stand it. Everything about these two oozed style. Other than being gorgeous and knowing what style fit them best, K&M were incredibly natural in front of the camera, and so easy-going and in love. I could have spent the whole day with them! Part of the reason I love doing what I do is most largely in part because I’m a romantic that is still taken aback by honest love. But it’s also much in part because I love meeting people who inspire me. There was just so much goodness on this day–the best part being Matt and Kristen.

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There is such a peace these two find in each other. Anyone near them covets this peace and yearns for it in their own lives.skeneateles wedding photos-3733 skeneateles wedding photos-3829
skeneateles wedding photos-3880

She said: “quick? That wasn’t a very quick kiss in my book! But I guess someone has to do it.” My response: “You should see their long kiss!”

I can’t help but wonder if she watched herself in them.skeneateles wedding photos-3892

skeneateles wedding photos-3893 skeneateles wedding photos-3897 skeneateles wedding photos-3944 skeneateles wedding photos-3959 skeneateles wedding photos-3979

And sometimes you have to find a garage in the center of Skeneateles and run with it.skeneateles wedding photos-4044 skeneateles wedding photos-4059 skeneateles wedding photos-4074

I asked Matt if he’s twirl Kristen…in the middle of the sidewalk in front of everyone. He did.skeneateles wedding photos-4084skeneateles wedding photos-4096

While I loved the shot of the actual twirl, it was really this shot below that I had my eye on.
skeneateles wedding photos-4103
skeneateles wedding photos-4139 skeneateles wedding photos-4169 skeneateles wedding photos-4176 skeneateles wedding photos-4196

I. love. this. photo.

skeneateles wedding photos-4214skeneateles wedding photos-2

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